Protecting the world.....
One family at a time.

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Who We Are

Midwest Lifesavers is part of a statewide network dedicated toward taking a proactive approach in community fire safety since 1971.


Midwest Lifesavers is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, National Fire Protection Association-Educational Section, Michigan Emergency Vehicle Equipment Dealers Association and International Code Council.


Midwest Lifesavers is happy to sponsor the MG Education Fund, Fallen Heroes Scholarship Fund, Michigan Burn Camp and numerous Fire Department events.


Midwest Lifesavers is proud to provide community members with life-saving fire safety information in our Families First Education Programs.   Midwest Lifesavers and its affiliates have documented thousands of lives saved from fire by community members who have attended our program.  These men, women and children not only thank Midwest Lifesavers, but also the local merchants, fairs and festivals that allow us to make this program available to the community.


Our Families First Education Program is available at no cost to any community member who would like more information about fire safety in their home.  Our programs are presented at local restaurants, places of work, schools, homes and fire departments.   Community members who attend our program will learn ways to prevent fires in their homes, the importance of escape planning, common fire hazards, proper placement of fire safety equipment and much, much more.   Our program is designed solely to educate, therefore there is nothing for sale.


At the conclusion of the program, attendees will have the opportunity to schedule a free fire safety analysis in their homes.  Midwest Lifesavers will go through escape planning, test any existing equipment to ensure it is functioning properly to the best of our knowledge, be sure existing equipment is placed properly, point out fire hazards, provide the homeowner with People Locater stickers for each occupied bedroom and make recommendations as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association. 


The Families First Education Program, home fire safety analysis and People Locater stickers are always complimentary, on-site upgrades or additions can be provided by Certified Safety Advisors upon request. 


By working with local merchants, restaurants, fairs and festivals the community is able to work together in making our families safer in the event of fire.  When we each do our part, many families will still be intact after the devastating ravages of fire.  Thank you for helping us in our mission of “Protecting the world….one family at a time.”

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